So I checked out this article written by Dr. Mercola and watched the interview clips from WEEI that were posted by Good Morning America on ABC with the world’s greatest quarterback, Tom Brady (I’m not here to argue. I am just a diehard Pats fan growing up next door to Foxboro, so it’s in the water and in my blood).

Being a role model to young and old die-hard football fans and while being a father to 3 growing children, Tom Brady’s stance in the food industry has recently been brought to light and I admit, I understand his point of view.

Here were some of his comments:

“Coca-cola is poison for kids”.

Food industry has a lot of money and they want to keep making money so they will, “falsely advertise to kids, brainwashing them to believe Frosted Flakes is a food group”.

Makes you think, but your kids learn by what they are told, whether it’s the parent, friends, teachers or media. Ultimately, one hopes the parent gets the final say in what their child consumes and the only safest way to provide healthy eating habits is leading by example and reading labels to help guide your choice for what’s right for you and your family.

Brady’s also a new investor to Unreal Candy TedX speaker and co-founder Kristopher Bronner and brother Nicky, alongside other investors such as supermodel Gisele Bundchen and celebs like Matt Damon and John Legend. The candy brings us back to basics with organic, non-GMO with no artificial ingredients. I haven’t tried it…yet. Have you?

I love that there is knowledge and information that is getting put out there for the new generation. It’s so important that role models play a part in this education process. And you can still enjoy the sweet things in life, not a bad deal.

Way to go, TB12!

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