Beware: Tear Jerker

As a physical therapist, yes I’m specialized in high level sport rehab but a greater percentage of my job, in treating the outpatient community, is taking care of the elderly. 

I see them for all sorts of issues like knee and hip replacements, posture correction, low back pain to gait and balance. These souls are of a population I don’t have much interaction with outside of the clinic. And I selfishly lead my own life once I’m done for the day, not considering what I did for that person in the 30 minutes together or what and how they get home to after. I guess it’s out of sight, out of mind. 

But if you take a moment to watch the 10 minute video by Voyager called “Junk Mail“, the day in the life of 98 year old Mary, you might change your tune. I watched, I cried and I put myself in their shoes. 

This Thanksgiving I hope we all take time to be thankful for our families, homes, jobs, livelihood, but take time to give back to those who don’t have as much. We need to be kinder. We all need human contact. 

I volunteer with Boston Cares but there are so many other charities or groups locally you can invest with and, ultimately, make those we help plus ourselves, feel better.

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