Looking Ahead to 2017

It’s officially the middle of October and I was anxiously awaiting my lottery results for the 2017 London Marathon, in which I entered in May. Results are in and, sadly, I didn’t get in. So, my next best option is to search and explore other (less in demand) races, and there are hundreds here in Europe! Time to make a race-cation.

I’m pretty open to where the race will take me but I’m looking at a few priorities.

  1. A place I’ve not been to yet – if I’m going to torture myself, I’d like to do it on new territory.
  2. Price (entry & travel) – for the first time in my adult life I’m broke. But my health and sanity are a top priority for me, so instead of establishing a saving for maybe something big in the future, I’m going to work and live paycheck to paycheck and do the things I desire right now.
  3. A spring marathon – you’ve heard me say it before but I prefer winter training over summer training, however, I have my eyes set on today’s entry into the Berlin Marathon lottery for September 2017, as well.
  4. Ease of registration – for this spring race, I’m not wanting to register and hope I get in. I’d like to just sign up and know I’m doing it (and I just mentioned how I’m goal setting for Berlin in September anyway, so one time a year of hoping, waiting and doing is all you’ll get out of me).

While searching the Internet, I found this site to get a glimpse of all European marathon choices. I’ve narrowed my spring marathon (April) to these top 3 choices…

  1. Maratona di Roma – Rome, Italy
  2. 261 Women’s Marathon – Palma de Mallorca, Spain
  3. Alexander the Great International Marathon – Thessaloniki, Greece






I need your guys advice! Where should go for my 2017 spring Marathon? I’m leaning towards one more than the others. I’ll give you a hint…Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds are playing 3 shows in Italy the week after one of the marathons……….

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