It’s official. You gain weight when you only eat cheese and drink wine

I have to tell you about an unofficial experiment I’ve participated in the past 3 weeks. I’ve been ignoring my routine diet that I’ve been diligently working on since March. I was working pretty hard to maintain a healthy weight and get proper nutrition with my Beachbody family. But since December 1st, I’ll be honest, my previous routine has gone straight out the window and I’ve been enjoying every calorie consumed with my French diet. 

It’s been a wonderful month not working full time. Reality will eventually set in and bills will still need to be paid and that time will soon be approaching but looking back I realize how I just accepted my daily Boston routine. I’m a pretty optimistic person but I was stuck. I was working out, eating right, had a roof over my head, friends and family close by but I wasn’t completely fulfilled. I was in a long distance relationship and at a job that, while my co-workers were great, was just a job. 

This month, I’ve been taking this amazing opportunity to accomplish my true desires…and that included not following a specific diet, working less, and ultimately following my heart. Yes I’ve been training for the Paris Marathon coming up April 3rd, but I’ve gained 10lbs. Yup. Ok. The conclusion to my unofficial experiment is you gain weight if all you eat is cheese and all you drink is wine, despite running. 

This New Year my resolution is to get my health and weight back on track. Not only will I physically feel better, the ultimate plan is to improve my conditioning for my marathon. The new Program The Master’s Hammer and Chisel is out and I think this might be a good hybrid program with my running. So I’m starting Jan 4th and while I’ve enjoyed my dietary freedom, the few pants I have that made the trip to Europe are now not fitting me.  Who’s with me?  Contact me on Facebook for more information!