Goli ACV Gummies

I’m excited to announce that I’ve partnered with Goli Nutrition to get my daily dose of apple cider vinegar in a tasty gummy form. I’ve been anxious to try these gummies because, while I have been aware of the benefits of apple cider vinegar (ACV) shots, I have always disliked the taste when drinking ACV. Luckily, Goli Nutrition provides us with all the incredible health benefits of ACV in a pleasant tasting form without any additional additives.

Made in California, Goli Nutrition works hard to provide you with a product that is natural and good for you, while being great tasting as well. Goli ACV Gummies are Vegan, Gluten-Free, and contain no GMOs. Additionally, they are infused with essential vitamins and organic fruits and vegetables including Pomegranate, Beetroot, Citrus, Carrot, and Blackcurrant.

And to note, Goli proudly supports Vitamin Angels, a charity that helps to conquer malnutrition in children. For every Goli ACV Gummy purchase, Goli provides a child with a 6-month supply of vitamins. What a great way to give back!


Why are Goli ACV Gummies good for you?

Goli ACV Gummies contains probiotics that come from the “mother” (the combination of the yeast and the bacteria that is formed during fermentation or also recognized as the strands you see floating in ACV bottles), acetic acid, B-Vitamins and plant-based antioxidants (polyphenols). Check out the many health benefits of taking ACV below.

Helps with Digestion – Due to ACV acidic properties, it can assist our stomach cells in better protein digestion and the absorption of carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

It Improves Complexion – ACV contains acetic acid and malic acid to help maintain pH balance and helping to reduce hyperpigmentation. ACV also contains anti-bacterial properties which can help to unclog pores and eliminate bacteria.

It Enhances Energy – ACV contains potassium, enzymes, and amino acids, similar to a natural electrolyte solution that helps to reduce lactic acid in the body, reducing fatigue and increasing energy. Also, a study in 2004 by the Journal of the American Association of Diabetes found taking ACV after a meal helps to lower blood glucose levels ultimately reducing the effects of a “sugar crash”.

It Strengthens the HeartIn a randomized trial in 2018 by the Journal of Functional Foods found taking ACV with meals lowered triglyceride levels, improving cholesterol over 12 weeks.

It Helps Curb Appetite  – The previous trial from the Journal of Functional Foods also found participants who received ACV with lunch and dinner while eating a 250 lower caloric daily plan, lost on average 3lbs more than the placebo group over 12 weeks.


Now you can see why I had so much excitement partnering with Goli Nutrition and using their daily gummies to help with my marathon training and overall daily health! If you want to try them out for yourself, they have given me a discounted code for my readers, use code: thefitwanderluster for 5% off your Goli ACV Gummies.

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