A Review: Legend Compression Wear 

I’ve recently become an ambassador for Legend Compression Wear and was given a pair of Compression Performance Socks to try during my marathon training runs.

I’ve never been one to think about running accessories that could provide benefits during and after my runs outside of proper footwear, chafing cream, and a good sports bra. However, I’ve learned I’m behind the times and have found these compression socks to be game-changing.

Legend Compression Performance Socks are designed with comfort in mind. Their slogan is #rightnottight. With the runner and athletes in mind, the compression enhances power and endurance while supporting the lower leg and foot. Their unique Graduated Compression Technology assists to improve blood flow and oxygen levels. When those two systems work more efficiently, you have the increased ability to train harder and recover faster.

Before Legend compression socks, I’d have sore, achy calves with intermittent left plantar fascia following runs even as short as 30 minutes. Now, after using Legend Compression Performance Socks, I notice an efficient improvement in recovery after all my long runs. As an added bonus, I’ve had a reduction in my left heel pain as well. These socks have become part of my long run program.

Are you like me, a late compression user? Take it from me, don’t wait any longer. They come in classic, solid colors, fit accurately, and are more affordable than some other name brands out there. As a physical therapist, I not only recommend these for athletes but for those of us who work or stand on our feet all day or those who frequently travel. An added bonus, as your ambassador, my lucky readers get $15 off their first order! Click Here for your discount!

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