April Happenings!

4 days until the Rome Marathon. Holy Moly time went by fast. I’m ready and a little beaten up today from my girl, Gigja Kristinsdóttir, who works at LuxChiro. It was a “good pain” to find someone who does deep tissue massage like myself. I told her my life story, in an attempt to prevent me from laughing or crying due to pain, and practiced meditation and breathing while she worked her magic. I typically get sports massages before each of my marathons but hadn’t thought about it last year in Paris. Evidently, it is part of the key to my success because without it last year I had my worst finishing time, so here’s hoping!

I head to Rome with a direct flight out of Luxembourg and meet up with my dad who is flying in from the states on Friday night. Saturday I hope to eat amazing pasta, take in some sights and venture to the Expo to grab my bib number. I’m hoping to meet up with an Instagram running friend, Stephane, from Lyon, France as he’ll be running his first marathon ever in Rome. Sunday I’m starting in the last wave with a start time of 8:51am. The weather will end up in the high 60’sF (a little warm for my liking) with a 40% chance of rain. If the rain holds off and there is cloud coverage, I’m expecting my race to go pretty smoothly.

My Instagram page is continuously growing. The support of the running and fitness community on there is abundant and with it comes my desire to take great photos. Rome should be no less scenic and I can’t wait to show it off!

This weekend I’ll also be taking over the account @inspiringwomenrunners, who has almost 28k followers!!  Speaking of Instagram if you aren’t following me @thefitwanderluster, go ahead and do that 😍 I request this because I have an awesome squat challenge coming up in April that I’m hosting with some of my other favorite Instagrammers where YOU, the participant, gets to gain strength while having the chance to compete for some pretty awesome prizes!!!

There will be weekly prizes from cool companies like:

Curio Spice
73 Threads
Gear By Shock
Roll Recovery
Mind Over Matter Athlete

The grand prize of the newest model of Saucony Ride sneakers!!!!

How cool is all of that?! Want a booty? Go ahead and follow my challenge!!

April Squat Challenge

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