Staying Motivated to Train while Traveling

I’m back in Boston for the holidays. I miss Boston so much. It will always be home to me, but traveling can interfere with staying in shape. I’m a month into training for Maratona Di Roma and coming home can disrupt the routine.

Here are some of my tips to stay motivated to stay active while traveling.

1. Solepack

Solepack is a brand that makes shoe bags that are convenient, functional, and efficient travel accessories to pack your sneaks or trainers. The bags snap around your backpack to easily pack your shoes with your carry on bag and keeps your dirty shoes safely packed away from your clean clothes.

2. Rock My Run

Rock My Run is an app that has premade music playlists to play upbeat songs to improve your cadence. All genres are available and with a monthly subscription, you can match the music tempo to adjust to your own pace. I have the free trial and have loved the mixed playlists that keep me motivated to increase my pace.

3. Run to Discover

Check out websites or blogs like Run to Discover that help you learn about places you might be visiting from local runners. The posts include a little history, sample runs, and lists free local fitness and running groups you can participate in while you’re in town. I may have had a part in the Boston write up 😉.

4. Sign up for Local Races

Cool Running provides nationwide races and can be searched by date to plan around your trip timeframe. Get some friends and family to sign up with you and make a morning out of it before the big holiday meal!

What are some of your motivating tips to stay healthy while traveling?

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