Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Just like that 2016 is coming to a close and a bunch of you probably cannot wait. With one more Wednesday before Christmas and two more left before the new year, we have little time left to reflect on what was and the same amount of time to envision what will be.

Closing out my year, I’m blessed to build my brand and networking, commencing training for my 9th marathon, making a quick winter weekend getaway to Zurich, Switzerland and prepping for another trip back home to Boston for Christmas.

Training has begun and this is my 18-week marathon training program for Maratona Di Roma that is a slight tweak of Hal Higdon Novice 2 training plans. I’ve added two days of strength training along with alternating Thursdays for speed work, interval and tempo runs along with hills, to assist in my goals to obtain a PR. Three weeks in on an 18-week schedule, time really is flying by. This time around, I’ve worked with an old college friend and peer to help me develop and track a nutrition plan for my upcoming training months. Take a look at my Example Weekly Meal Plan.

Personally, this past weekend Julien, myself and two friends took a four-hour road trip to visit another friend who lives in Zurich. We lucked out with gorgeous weather (cool but sunny) on Saturday to take in the Open Air Christmas Markets. If you have never been to a European Christmas Market, put in on your bucket list. There is nothing more festive.

I also got in my long run on Saturday morning. I went out at 8:30am and honestly had the whole city to myself. Though it wasn’t super early, apparently I’ve heard on a Saturday morning in Switzerland it is considered so. Therefor to my advantage, I got to run and take in the sites without pedestrian traffic. The lake with mountain backdrop views is quite serene, with a few other passing joggers and some waves, passing nods, and even a couple conversations, this hour and a half long run could easily be classified as my happiest.

Today I will be packing to come back to Boston for 12 days. This return home is on a happier note and will be consumed with weddings, dinners, possible trips to the Cape and Maine, and seeing friends and family. I can’t wait 😊

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