Runners: I Need Your Advice

I am out here seeking the runner’s world advice once again. Help! (No, not to leave the US regarding our latest presidential election – I’ve already done that 😉).

As I begin to get myself organized with a running plan for the Rome marathon in April 2017, I’ve decided to create a goal to shoot for my Personal Record (PR). My motto with each marathon has always been to just finishing, however, with each marathon my times have mostly become progressively worse. I can probably blame it on several factors including mental blocks, inadequate training, age, weather, and/or nutrition, but after having watched an 85-year-old man break a 4-hour marathon in Toronto this year, my mind is blown. I would like to get my butt on a real training plan, not just one that suited my lifestyle (although that is important) but importantly catered to achieve my goal for a PR.

My marathon times have ranged from 4:13:15 to 4:49:59. A brief history, I’ve only played with Hal Higdon programs between novice and intermediate. My nutrition has become better as, ahem, my age increases (less processed, enriched white flour, fast food, more fruits, veggies, whole grains) but I’ve never cut alcohol out during a training season and I’m probably not sticking to appropriate serving sizes nor have I ever counted macros/calories, regardless to the fact I’ve not had much change in weight.


So my question to you running community, what program do you recommend for 26.2 to help me achieve a PR and are there any good nutrition meal planners for the endurance athlete?

2 thoughts on “Runners: I Need Your Advice

  1. Can not help you with the PR because I run for enjoymwnt, but as far as getting leaner I have been working with Amanda Tress since August and have seen great results. Check out Faster way for fat loss. Programs statting next week and again in January. I have lost 7 pounds and 13 inches so far.

    1. I hear ya, I really prefer running for enjoyment but I’ve been discouraged seeing my times get slowly worse over the years. Congrats on your progress!! I’ll look into that program. I’ve got some physical therapy friends back home that have finished their nutrition for athletes certification so I’m excited to get a plan with her as well.

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