Recap: ING Route Du Vin Half Marathon

Sunday, September 25th I ran my something umpteen half marathon. The race was the ING Route du Vin in Remich, Luxembourg. This was my second race since living in Europe.

This race was the 55th edition and is the oldest race in Luxembourg. The race is an up and back Route, set parallel to the Moselle River in the wine region of Luxembourg.

To be absolutely honest, I signed up for this race because in your goodie bag you get a free bottle of Crémant sparkling wine from Cave Gales Luxembourg. I mean, hell ya! Along with the Crémant, we also received a running belt and a bunch of snacks from Powerade. I also mentioned in previous posts feeling the post-race blues after the Paris marathon and seeing how the half is my favorite distance, it all came together.

Remich is a gorgeous city. The start and finish are along the river and the street is lined with restaurants and bars with outdoor seating. As I’d never been to the town I was a bit disappointed I had to run a race instead of enjoying the weather with cold beers.

My only qualm about the race was a 3pm start time. With the weather reaching 24C/75F and not much shade, the peak of the heat hit the runners in most of the first half of the race. However, this race was very well organized with water stops every 5k and a fruit stand with cola during the last 2km.

I was pleasantly surprised by how many spectators came out to support at the start, halfway and finish with a few scattered at some of the Wineries and hotels along the way. But in all honesty, the view was really spectacular. With the river and people boating and water skiing along one side and the hills full of vineyards on the other side,  you feel at peace with all the nature and beauty. The heat was still uncomfortable but the scenic, flat course on a sunny day was something really to be admired.

I finished the run by 4 minutes and change faster than my planned 2:15 finish. Yay! Now the next step is finding out in October if I’ve made the lottery for the London Marathon which would be April 2017. Keep your fingers crossed!

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