Trot, Trot to London

This past weekend was spent with a few lovelies in magical London with Queens, good food, history, and wine. I always feel like I am in an adult fairytale when I visit.

This weekend was spent celebrating a move of my childhood friend, Dorothy. Old friends are the best friends because you can go a couple months without speaking but when you’re together it’s like no time has passed. I’m also lucky to have friends that take positions that allow them to travel and live abroad, plus I get to tag along with them once in a while. Anyway, she had a London going away party as she makes her way to Holland (another place for me to visit)!

After a cheap flight from Luxembourg to Gatwick and a quick train ride to the city, I made it to Sloane Square in Chelsea to meet up with Dorothy and some of her friends. You know how I know this world is small? This weekend consisted of catching up with a cousin of a high school friend and seeing an old college roommate I haven’t seen in years who all are randomly friends with Dorothy while living in London. Boston represents around the world!

I’m still in training for my half and technically was supposed to run 10 miles this weekend. I made some adjustments to my plan, knowing wine would play a factor, and pushed my long run to Monday. However, we had some surprisingly pleasant weather Saturday morning and, in a still drunken haze, convinced Dorothy’s friend Anne, who’s training for the Greece marathon, to go for a quick 5 miles with me to catch some of the sights.

We then made some errands at the Chelsea market, where I had a delicious falapple wrap, and then got ourselves ready for the party.

The party was a hit with drinks, healthy snacks, good conversations, and games. I was sad to see this short weekend coming to an end. Before I left, we made our way to a beautiful pub for a cider send-off.

I can’t wait to see where my next adventure will bring me to next!

Are you a #fitwanderluster?

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