In a Funk? Steps to Reset

I was having a hard time thinking of a blog write up this week. I was a bit unmotivated and no topic seemed to spark interest for me. Maybe I’m being selfish because I didn’t have travel plans. Maybe I’m in a rut with my nutrition. Maybe I’m still experiencing my post-race blues. Maybe the novelty of moving abroad is losing its luster as I form a daily routine. Maybe I’m frustrated with my lack of French-speaking or understanding progress. Maybe I miss my Boston friends. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is but I’m in a funk.

I’m determined to snap out of my funk. Here are some steps I plan to follow through the rest of May to personally reset:

1. Wake up earlier

I’ll admit going from a full-time position that required me to be at work most days before 7am to 3 days a week, where I have no obligation to be up before 7am, has its perks. As a non-morning person and preferring sleep or just resting in bed is a nice feeling, but I’m not on the right mindset for the rest of my day. My plan for the rest of May on Monday-Friday (I refuse to give up my sleeping in on weekends. I mean give me a break, do you want me to go insane completely?) is to wake up at 7, have a tea and read or listen to slow news in French podcast, workout or run based on a schedule from signing up for an upcoming race, and have breakfast.

2. Eat Right

This really won’t be too hard of a step as we do eat well throughout the week. I’m crushing the meal prep each week for dinners but my breakfasts have slacked and I think that’s the most important meal of the day. My weekends have also fallen into the party atmosphere trap. With either travel or eating at restaurants to just plain drinking too much on the weekends, I am only breaking even for the rest of the week. I’m constantly detoxing my weekend impurities through the week to have it go straight to hell when Friday rolls back around. My plans for the rest of May are to reduce binge drinking and eating out on weekends, to stay consistent through the whole week of just plan eating right. I won’t say I won’t have a glass of wine at dinner but I won’t have 4.

3. Engage in more Conversation

Although I’m not really forced to speak French, I wouldn’t say I’m pushing my boundaries in an effort to go out there and speak French. I think of failure too much. I really don’t like not being good at something, so I’d rather not do it at all. I have to accept that I won’t be perfect and it’s OK to make mistakes. I tried a conversation group in the past but had difficulty attending with my work schedule. I will be determined this month to continue my half-hour Pimsleur lessons but then engage what I’m learning and really seek out conversation, even if I’m completely uncomfortable. This also means making an effort to speak or communicate more with all the friends I have, not just in regard to speaking French. Those who know me, know I’m not a big talker either on the phone on FaceTime or even text. But when I do catch up it’s like we pick up right where we left off. I’m headed to Boston for 10 days in June and I want to make sure I don’t miss anyone or anything so communication is key.

4. Meditate

I have a racing mind. That leads me to be anxious and tense. I learned I grind my teeth at my last dentist appointment. I honestly didn’t even know I did. But every time I do yoga or just meditate for 5-10 minutes I learn more about my body and state of mind. I realize I’m constantly holding tension everywhere and I’m not focusing on positive. I plan to meditate every day in the rest of May for at least 5 minutes with the help of YouTube videos.

5. Write down joyful events

Getting back to the positives in life, I plan to journal 3 joyful events that happened each day before going to bed.  Not only will this force me to find the good in each day but it will help me find more gratefulness and optimism.
Hopefully next week I can update you on my progress. À Mercredi!

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