Reasons to Not Mind Winter Running

I don’t mind running in the winter, in fact, I enjoy it. My fellow runners may disagree and I’ve been called crazy before (not just because of this, stories for another time) but I prefer leggings and layers. Ok ok, I admit a 10 degree C/50 degree F day is optimal (and experts agree peak performance falls between 10-16 C which is the average temperature of the Berlin Marathon where the world record has been broken 6 times in the last 12 years). However, I don’t mind when the temp drops either and this is usually because of the layers of clothes. I will also admit, I don’t like running in negative wind-chills or on ice. To say running in the winter is my favorite thing to do would be an outright lie, so I won’t say that, but I’m not deterred by it either.

With a track record of 7 marathons under my belt and the 8th on the way, half have been spring marathons (April). I’ve trained in one of the mildest winters to one of the coldest. Both have their pros and cons but each spring marathon finish time has beaten out my fall marathon (October/November) finish times in which I trained through hot and humid summers.

Here is a list of my winter likes:


I love rocking an underliner with a puff vest and my 2006 red Boston Marathon windbreaker. I prefer pockets to belts to hold my crap and I like the ability to wear a headband and gloves and take on and off as necessary.

Better tempo

I tend to catch my breath easier in cooler temps and find I tempo is faster than when I’m training in heat and humidity.

Sweat less

But that doesn’t mean I don’t need water, I still drink 8 oz with every 20 min of running.

Organized runs

There are several spring marathons and running groups are always a good idea to help you stay motivated, find a running route, provide water stops and friends to go out with a beer with after.

Decreases Holiday weight gain

I’ve told you about my Holiday overload and having a guided training schedule helps me to stay on the health track.

You get fresh air and are less depressed

We tend to hibernate in the colder months and outdoor activities decrease significantly. There are fewer drinks on the back patio and less sunlit hours in the day. The seasonal depressive disorder runs rampant and to kick a bad mood one needs fresh air and natural endorphins. Running is my therapy.

I hope this motivates you to get out of your comfort zone. All you need are some warm clothes, a good music playlist, a buddy and the right mindset. It’s better for your heart and butt more so than a Netflix Marathon 🙂




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