Getting Acclimated

I’ve survived my first week in France and I didn’t take my return flight back that was scheduled on December 7th (it was cheaper to get round trip than one way, and if I had thought about it I would have pushed the return further out but oh well). So that’s a good sign.

Things have been busy but not overwhelming. The food and wine are amazing and I even figured out how to stream the Patriots game (despite the loss, in Portugese and it being 1:30am). Julien and I have been going to the Christmas Market in Metz, organizing the closets in the flat to fit my stuff, going out to dinner and traveling to Luxembourg. Luckily, his co-worker is on Holiday for the next 3 weeks allowing us to stay in Lux during the weekdays and avoid traffic because of France controlling the borders.


I’ve looked up what my options are to take French classes but most don’t start until January. I’m debating what to do but in the meantime, I’m having Julien start speaking a bit more French with me daily. I apparently can’t say my “R”‘s, what do you expect from a Boston girl?!

I also started my marathon training for the Paris Marathon on April 3rd, 2016. I decided to do it since I have the month of December off which would give me time to start my training and also learn my surroundings in both Metz and Luxembourg. This will be my 8th marathon since 2006. I decided to make a hybrid schedule of intermediate level between Hal Higdon and Nike, allowing for interval, hill, and cross-training. I’ll be running between 4-5 times a week building my mileage over the next 18 weeks.

The following are some views from my runs:


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So life is good in Europe. But I can’t understand or speak French. That will be my big push for the next few months. Wish me luck!

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