In My Heyday

Not sure if any of you know this little tidbit about me, but I used to model a bit in middle school. Now you wouldn’t find me in Life cereal commercials or JC Penny catalogs (yes I’m dating myself) but I did do paid modeling gigs called “Freeze Modeling”.

Did you ever walk around the mall and window shop and then all of a sudden the mannequin moved slightly. No, your eyes didn’t play tricks on you, and yes, I was paid to stand in store windows like a mannequin. Ha those were the days and no I have no pictures as proof, thank god.

However, I’ve recently pursued some non-paid gigs with Boston’s best fashion blogger Alliewears and also to help professionally enhance the look of The Fit Wanderluster blog. Take a gander at some of my favorites by the wonderfully talented Suzanna March Photography a Boston based photographer.

Which ones are your favorites?

Message me on Facebook for more information!

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