Prevention is the Best Medicine

I came across this article on Facebook from ESPN. Amazing futuristic sport preventive care is on its way. I couldn’t be more excited as a rehab specialist. I often ponder that in another life I would have worked for SportScience. It’s truly fascinating to see how a body develops, breaks down, accelerates and reaches peak performance.

Just imagine what we could do if we incorporated just a percentage of this into the “civilian” population for preventative health care and functional restoration. The simplest cost-effective and risk reduction way to help in health care is preventative care. Indeed, deferring a need for surgery, medications, multiple medical visits, extensive exams by working on preventative care as opposed to post-diagnosis care can reduce costs.

What we really need is better education on everything we put into or environment and bodies and how to prolong and prevent until it’s too late and we should start this at a very young age. It shouldn’t just be for the wealthy and fit. Just preaching here on my soapbox. However, I am happy to see this report because it will stimulate education and change. Bravo!

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