First Step

Here’s to my first blogging baby step. I created a blog. Yay!

Now, what do I do with it?

In my 10 years of being a physical therapist and 15 years as a personal trainer and fitness coach, and masseuse, I’ve helped people. I’ve helped them obtain health goals. I’ve educated on injuries, anatomy, expected outcomes. I’ve created life and work function modifications. I’ve listened. I’ve reduced physical pain and improved emotional wellbeing. I am good at helping people. I enjoy teaching and motivating for the well-being of that individual.

Along with my education, I enjoy participating in a range of sports running, snowboarding, golf, mountain biking, field hockey, and more. And one of my greatest passions is traveling. I’m constantly expanding my horizons and trying to grow as an individual. I take in as many cultures as I can and am lucky enough to have the ability to travel. I’ve seen tiny bits and pieces of this beautiful world. I try to take back the experiences I’ve made to help myself transform into a better adapted and functioning human being in an also sometimes incredibly scary world.

People sometimes wonder how we each get to where we are in life. I know I do. I always look for successful, relatively speaking, financially, but more importantly, happy, entrepreneurs and colleagues who don’t let the world slip by just because they only are looking for that next paycheck in the 9-5 corporation – side-note, I’m no dummy. I understand the need to survive, provide shelter, feed myself. But I digress, I’m often finding myself wondering how people who don’t live by the standard norms get out there and put their mark in this world and really do it for the love of it, whether it be a product or a blog. I love the idea of working for myself as long as there is a positive impact that I can spread and share.

I love my job as a physical therapist, BUT, I do not like the way insurances are restricting coverage and lowering reimbursement. I love the actions of my job but I hate the “factory mentality” of one person in, one person out. This produces less quality time with the patient, less documentation time, and poorer end results – just to squeeze in 2-3 more patients a day to make ends meet. It doesn’t seem right.

With my transition to being a self-employed sports masseur, I feel I can still take the tools and education I learned to help others without an insurance agency dictating what will be covered and or is thought to be beneficial for an individual. Our national healthcare’s future really, truly scares me where in the US alone, 2 in 3 adults (68.8% of people over 20) are considered overweight or obese. What can I do? But more importantly, what can you do? You or someone you know needs information, direction, motivation, and support to get their lives back.

So, this is my soapbox, this is who I am and what I truly stand for and believe in.

What’s your First Step?

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